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Welcome to 

the 2nd UN-GGIM-AP Plenary Meeting

28-30 October 2013

Tehran, Iran

Dear Guests,

We are glad to inform you that the second Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP will be held from 28 to 30 October 2013 in Tehran, Iran.

This meeting will provide a great opportunity for sharing and exchanging experience and knowledge between experts of different countries in order to consider the regional issues raised at previous meetings. We are hopeful that this meeting will prepare the groundwork for the implementation of the resolutions of the previous meetings. Definitely, the implementation of these resolutions will assist the better cooperation between the member states in the future and provide a basis to identify barriers for establishing the spatial data infrastructure in national, regional and global level. Surely it would be useful for all member countries to take part in this meeting to share experiences, learn new approaches and get innovative ideas in the field of spatial information.

We would be really grateful to you for your valuable participation in this meeting; We hope your stay in Iran, a country with an ancient history and a rich culture will be associated with an unforgettable and lasting memory.

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